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Big Bee Farm

Welcome to The Biggest Educational Bee farm and Bee sting Acupuncture Center. Let’s have fun and enjoy our acitvities at Big Bee Farm

  1. Bee Garden   Get close to the nature with variety of bee species in Thailand and get excited with The Beeman show and see the cuteness of bees.
  2. Bee museum Fulfill your knowledge with the bees’ story and honey around the country.
  3. Honey testing room Enjoy the honey testing and taste our bee products.
  4. Honey restaurant Have a good appetite with honey menu.
  5. Bee clinic  Offer bee acupuncture for those who have the chronic pain problems.
  6. DIY Course  Enjoy us and tinged your imagination by making the invention in DIY course.

Big Bee Farm 41/10 Moo.3 Pattaya Chonburi  20150  Tel: 66-38-172001-4  Fax:66-38-172005
website: www.bigbeefarm.com   E-mail: thepprasithoney@hotmail.com

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