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Mangrove Forest Conservation And Natural Study Center For Ecotourism

The Mangrove Forest Conservation and Study Center for Ecotourismis located at Mu 3, Tambon Samet, covering an compass of approximately 300 rai. It is an melodramatic ecotourism pulchritude. The heart has prepared a 2,300-metre-long wooden boardwalk for visitors to wander in the mangrove nature where its ecological system still remains character perfect condition. Moreover, there are also a bird-watching scaffold and contrastive kinds of mangrove plants such as Kongkang (mangrove), Samet, Samae, Lamphu, etc. Also, there is sailing bustle twin as fiddler crab, “Yok Fa”, a too many species of crab, as actually as, various kinds of fish-eating birds. In dash of the center is also a health park. The admission fee is 10 baht for adults and 5 baht owing to children. It is open daily, as well as, on national holidays from 8:30AM-6:30PM. For additional notification call 0 3839 8268, 08 1713 9683.

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