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Nong Nooch Garden

It has the most amazing collection of tropical plants you may not have ever seen or heard of.

Nong Nooch is just inland from Pattaya. This is a large place (over 500 acres) that started out as a fruit tree orchard. Slowly it was converted to a tropical botanical garden, as the owners fell in love with the other tropical gardens they had seen around the world.

It is now the largest plant collection in all of Asia and is run by Kampon Tansacha, the son of the woman for who the garden was named. It is not only a massive plant collection but boasts some

In 1954 Mr. Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch Tansacha bought 1,500 rais (approximately 600 acres) of rolling hills and valleys at kilometer marker 163 on Sukhumvit road in Chonburi province. The newly purchased land was anticipated to become a fruit plantation filled with mangoes, oranges, coconuts as well as many other local fruits. But as fate may have it, Mrs. Nongnooch during her trip abroad, was inspired by the beauty of the world – renowned gardens and decided to turn the fruit orchard into a tropical botanical conservation, the garden was later turned into a tourist attraction fully equipped with Thai style houses, cottages, villas, seminar halls, banquet halls, swimming pool, restaurants as well as other facilities constructed for tourist’s convenience.

Opened to the public in 1980, the garden was named “Suan Nong Nooch” in honor of Mrs. Nongnooch, as the word “Suan” means garden. In addition to continuing on her life’s work of the garden, Mrs. Nongnooch spends her time between Bangkok and the orchard in Chiang-rai as well as Nongnooch camping resort in Prachinburi province, which made its debut in 2001. In order to maintain the gardens, management was than handed over to her son, Mr. Kampon Tansacha.

Presently, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort is well  know to those who want to take in an impressive Thai Cultural shoe and find the biggest and most beautiful botanical garden in Southeast Asia. More than 2,000 visitors from around the world visit our garden daily for their enjoyment. At Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, we’re always developing and improving the beautification process in order for the garden to look as it does today. Nong Nooch garden is also dedicated to education, preservation, research as well as the conservation of its vast palm collection and other tropical plants.

Since its debut as a tourist attraction, fascinating Thai Culture and traditional dances are presented daily in the theater within the garden compound. Besides the traditional shows, visitors will have an opportunity to see other performances such as religious ceremonies, martial arts, and The Elephants Show – one of the most popular attractions here. The shows are presented 3 or 4 rounds, dancing, and even interacting with tourists! Come ride on elephants, sightsee the garden via mini bus or relax in our lake on a pedal boat. Savor the taste of Thailand and other “Western” style food and beverages at any of our two restaurants Plubplung and Wivat kitchen. A mini bus service is available to those who want to rush back to Pattaya. To make your visit at the Nong Nooch Garden a memorable one, overnight accommodation is also available. Enjoy the “Paradise” by day and gaze the “Starry” sky by night – it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

See the largest variety of Orchids in Thailand. More than 670 native species and hybrids are kept here for breeding and research purposes.

      • The Fountain Garden is another beautiful place worth picturing.
      • Wrightia Tomentosa Garden is one of the most popular plants in Thailand. The delicate, small, light – green leaves are shaped and pruned in to various forms and the fragrant white flowers are the reason for it popularity.
      • Orchid House boasts a large orchid house 20 m x 16 m with revolving display of orchids, changed weekly. It features large and colorful arrangements of Dendrobium (hybrids) and suspended Cattleya, (BLC) hybrids. The center point of the gardens is a sunken European style water garden with waterfall fountain back drop. Cool and humid micro – jets ensure a fresh atmosphere for our guests and the plants.
      • Bromeliad House see the beauty of more than 300 species from worldwide. Many species exhibit fascinating flowers while others have fantastically colorful leaves.
      • Clay Pot Garden Display constructed in 1998 was designed and produced by Nong Nooch Garden.
      • Man-Made Waterfalls that perfectly complements the natural surrounding.
      • Thai Topiary Garden hand trimmed into different shapes to show the artistic ability of the gardener here at Nong Nooch.
      • Bougainvilles Garden these plants are the foremost used to color the landscape. Their color ranges from purple to lavender, red to pink, orange to yellow and also white.
      • Flower Hill find a variety of tropical flower. This is the most picturesque point in Nong Nooch tropical Garden.
      • European garden a “European” style garden complete with statues.
      • Bon – Sai Collection a vast collection of Bon – Sai ranges from small to large.
      • Rock Garden a collection of large rocks arranged together in harmony with varieties of plants.
      • Stonehenge see the stone circle imitating those from the Stonehenge in U.K.
      • Cactus and Succulent Garden sees more than 300 species from worldwide.
      • Mini Zoo see closely as well have many opportunity to take photos with  animals such as gibbons, monkeys, birds, tigers, as well as other “hard to find” animals.
      • Butterfly House walks through to observe closely the life cycle of exotic species of butterflies from worldwide.

Canna Garden see the colorful Canna collection from Thailand and worldwide.
Antique Hall a miniature museum where some of Tansacha’s family belongings are kept. Items include antique jewelry , Buddha statues , personal possessions as well as other objects of arts over one hundred years old.
Floating Oasis The new concept of Landscape Designed in NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden. This garden is displayed with colorful flowers such as marigold , Blue Hawaii and so on. There were arranged in geometry shape in platform , all floating in the lake.
Giant Ants Tower attracted with 13 meters height of tower in different size of the sculpture of ants from tiny size to giant and different in colour  as well.

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