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Pattaya Floating Markets

The boat trip will slowly expose the richness of the surrounding river side living. Water vendors sail with their paddle boats from dock to dock and offering their unique range of freshly cooked delicious traditional Thai dishes.
The Floating Market provides daily several cultural performances, native to the four regions of the country, like Thai classical dance, martial art demonstrations, as well as water boxing where the fighters perform on a horizontal slippery pole above the canal. Painters do show their artificial works, like umbrella and portrait painting. Pattaya Floating Market has recently provided Amphibian-boat rides, an agricultural rice field demonstration, authentic House-boats for home stay, and 10 mud-houses just beside the rice fields.

More than110 boutique-shops selling wooden hand carvings, silks and cloth weaving, special Thai herbs and herbal products, many OTOP products and other native items from all over Thailand. The Nueng Siam Woodcarving Museum has on display rare pieces of crafted art.
200 years old teak and is home for the impressive and beautiful carved image of the elephant god Ganesha.

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