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The World Gems Collection

            The World  Gems Collection ,co.,ltd is one of the first jewelry stores to open in Pattaya and claims to be the largest jewelry center in Asia. Company was founded since 11 February   1999  by Mr. Thongchai  Rojrungrangsi. Their plant and sale office in Pattaya occupy 8 rai (1 rai = 1,600 sq.m.) along north Pattaya Road near the city hall. The company employees around 500 people including 30 highly trained technicians, artists and artisans.
“Jewelry is a major purchase for most of our buyers. A pieces of jewelry has great emotional content unlike buying other consumables” according to owner Thongchai Rojrungrangsri, “People buy jewelry for engagements, as gifts for loved ones, weddings, anniversaries, graduation or to commemorate other important events that are important milestones of life. Understanding this we feel deeply our responsibility to offer the best in value, craftsmanship and manufacture. In our building we have a museum that shows where and new gemstones are mined. We also show our technicians designing, cutting and polishing the stones. This enables our buyers to have a better knowledge and appreciation of any thing they purchase.”
A visit to the World Gems Collection starts with a warm welcome by one of their multi lingual marketing and public relation staff acting as guide. The there is a short walk alone an elegant corridor with beautiful paintings along the walls , The stones used in the paintings are the chips from the gemstone during cuttings. We save them and are able to create items of beauty .
At the end of the corridor is a gemstone museum that show many aspects of gemstones mining; samples of raw gemstones as it looks in nature, photos of mining operations in different parts of the world , and so in. The tour then continues to gemstone processing area where a large glass window shows artists and technicians at work, cutting and polishing. The tour proceed to the main jewelry display area where one can see over 30,000 different pieces of exquisite jewelry.
In addition to the main jewelry display ares there are two other display areas. One is a large Thai souvenir room where samples of Thai home crafts are display. “We support the government’s program of One Tamboon (village), One Product or OTOP”,  this helps local crafts get greater exposure to international buyers and bring the benefits of tourism to the local village level. Second is
Royal latex Phuket distributes ready-made products including mattress, pillows. Made from 100% natural rubber latex, these quality products are tough, flexible, durable and prevent the growth of bacteria and build up of dust. Accordingly, these rubber products are very suitable for people who suffer from allergies, In addition, these natural rubber latex products do not have the normally unpleasant rubber smell.
At the close of the tour there is a comfortable coffee shop where refreshment are served. An excellent end to an edifying tour whether one purchase anything or not.

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